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AR Darts


Enjoy our brand-new virtual darts system! Swing by, aim for bullseye, and enjoy a few drinks... All without doing the maths! We are running a special price of only £10 per hour. 

The world’s first and only immersive darts system that transforms physical darts into an eye-popping videogame with animation is now available at THE SHACK- Book online with us or call us to reserve a game.

The Setup:

Imagine a standard dartboard, but instead of the traditional scoring rings, it's a plain white surface. This white surface becomes the canvas for the AR magic. A high-tech projector beams images onto the board, creating the dart game graphics you see. These graphics can be anything from classic dart scoring rings to exploding targets in space!

Throwing and Scoring:

You throw real steel-tipped darts at the board just like you would in a normal game. Here's where the AR comes in: a special sensor behind the board detects exactly where your dart lands. This information is then fed to the projector system, which updates the graphics on the board in real-time. So, you'll see your darts sticking out virtually, and the scoring rings or exploding targets will react accordingly, making the game super interactive.

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